Palacio de Lavalle

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Date: 27 Dec 2002
Time: 18:00:46
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I have found that Lavalle is a little village near the town of Agordo (Belluno-Italy)situated on the Italian Eastern Alps (Dolomites ). In 1224 the town of Agordo began independent Comune (sort of Villa)and was ruled by powerful family Della Valle , which was known to represent the ghibellini's party ( those serving the German Emperor as opposed to guelfi ,those serving the Pope). That valley is still full of people with our surname and my own family comes from there (I can date back to XVIIth century by church registers of births). Any connection with spanish De La Valle ?

Yours sincerely (perhaps relative )

Dr Giovanni Dalla Valle 4 Morton Road SM4 6EF Morden -Surrey ( United Kingdom )

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