TROCO: Tropical Oil Company.

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Date: 28 Jan 2005
Time: 13:40:07
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The Colombian Oil Co.^(Ecopetrol) was the former Tropical Oil Co. that ended its activities in Colombia after a decision of the government to obtain all the oil concessions.^The Tropical Oil Co. operated primarily in the De Mares Field.^This company used 3 well completion systems: slotted liner, combined string, and casing.^The latter currently is in use to control sand inlet using a cluster shot.^Ecopetrol uses gravel and/or coconut shells to pack the grooved tubing.^Well stimulation has been done with several systems, including hydraulic fracturing, block buster, carbon dioxide treatment, hydrochloric acid treatment, varsol treatment, and coconut shells packing.^Production systems currently used include mechanical pumping, centrifugal pumping, and hydraulic pumping.^Ecopetrol has made an investigation to evaluate which system is the most convenient from the aspect of economic feasibility, considering production ranges and costs.// >Cita tomada del Articulo: "Completion and production methods of Ecopetrol`s wells", cuyo Autor es: Ramirez R., A.// ~Tomado del Website: <http://www.osti.gov/energycitations/product.biblio.jsp?osti_id=6198193>